Traditional Spicy Fish Dish

Everybody likes this traditional spicy fish. It seemed that this hot fish swept world over night and at same time it became my favorite.

I have tried to make this fish myself for many times, it was not successful at all. I couldn't resemble the shape of the fish nor the taste. I could not find the reason for my failure, but I just kept trying. Few weeks ago, I ordered this dish in a restaurant again. All of the sudden it triggered me to realize that my failure was because of timing of cooking.

I kept timing in my mind, and tried again. This time, I made it.

Traditional Spicy Fish Dish
Traditional Spicy Fish DishAll the ingredients are showed in the following picture:
Sliced fish fillet,with salt and starch.
Cabbage, 3 leaves
Garlic, chopped,
Green onions, chopped
Ginger, sliced,
Cilantro, for garnish,
Chili, both whole dry chili, and flake chili powder
Sichuan peppercorn, both dry ones, and powder
Sesame seeds,
Bean chili sauce

Traditional Spicy Fish Dish
1. Heat up oil in a pan, and drop bean chili sause, whole chili and whole Sichuan peppercorn, ginger into the pan. Stir fry, still all the flavor comes out.
2. Add one cup of water, sugar, cooking wine and salt. Boil the cabbage. Once it is done boiling, take it out into a bowl.
3. add fish into the pan and gently stir it.
4. When the water is boiling again or no more than two minutes. Pure everything into the cabbage bowl.
Traditional Spicy Fish Dish5. make sure that the soup in the bowl covers the cabbage, but not half the fish.
6. Add chopped green onions, garlic, chili powder, Sichuan peppercorn powder and sesame seeds on the top of the fish.
7. Heat up 1/3 cup of oil, sizzling hot, and pour directly on the top of the chili powder.
8. Add cilantro to garnish.

Traditional Spicy Fish Dish
1. When cooking fish, never over cook them, otherwise it will fall apart. The perfect timing to take them out is when both sides of the fish has turn into white color from transparent. The heat from fish itself and hot oil will continuously cook them.
2. Soup in the bowl should cover only half the fish, otherwise chili powder will sock the soup and becomes wet. Then the hot oil will not bring out its flavor.

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