Red Bean Zongzi

This coming Sunday is the dragon boat festival, traditionally Zongzi is food for the special day, and of course the dragon boat contest will be held on this day as well.

Red Bean ZongziZongzi

Red Bean ZongziRed Bean Filling

Red Bean ZongziIngredients

1. Glutinous rice, soaked in water overnight
2. Boiled red bean. Add sugar, and pinch of salt
3. Mung bean, cooked, add brown sugar, honey, pinch of salt
4. Bamboo leafs, soaked in water overnight

Red Bean Zongzi
Red Bean ZongziSteps on how to wrap a Zongzi

Red Bean ZongziFinished products boiled in water for 3 hours

Red Bean ZongziReady to serve

Red Bean Zongzi
Red Bean ZongziServe with honey or sugar

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