Tortillas Rolls w/ Chicken Egg Lettuce

Last weekend I had a potluck party with lots of mothers with babies in the park along the lake. We made new friends and had a good time. Most of the all I enjoyed the food brought by other families.

One of the mums made tortillas rolls which impressed me a lot, since I never thought that the tortillas wrap would so soft and tasty. So the next day I made my own version at home.

Tortillas Rolls with Chicken, Egg and Lettuce

Tortillas, eggs, lettuce, chicken, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, and some tooth picks.

1, Boil the chicken until fully cooked. Remove the bones, and chop the chicken into small pieces. Add mayonnaise, salt and pepper to the taste. Mix well.
2. Scramble eggs, ideally to make the round shape as tortillas. If not, regular scramble eggs is fine.
3. Assembly the tortillas, egg wraps, chicken, and lettuce together. Roll it up as tight as possible. Use two tooth picks to stabilize each roll. Cut in half and serve.

It is a perfect idea for the office lunch.

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Yummy, yummy.