Cooking Beef

Three pound beef shank costs me $6.00.
I used a press cooker, added some water to a level that all beef is covered. Add 2 cinnamon sticks, star anise which is an ingredient of the traditional five-spice powder of Chinese cooking, Sichuan peppercorn, cardamom, ginger and salt. Brought it to boil with high heat, then reduced heat to 4 out of scale 10. Cooked it for one and half hour.

Cooking Beef

Once it is well cooked by the press cooker, you can use it to make many different dishes. The first one is Clear Soup Beef Noodles which is also my favorite.

Cooking BeefClear Soup Beef Noodles: Add original beef soup to the boiled noodles, and slice some beef into the bowl. The final touch is some cilantro leafs with chili oil. Not salt necessary..

Cooking BeefBeef Sandwich: Great snack for the evening. Chop some cooked beef, drop it into the pan, add some chili powder, cumin powder, and cilantro. Heat it up a litter bit. Then use any bread you can find in the refrigerators. It is done. Quick, simple and delicious.

Cooking BeefHot and Sour Beef: Mix vinegar, cilantro leafs, chili oil and sesame seeds to make sauce. Just dip in the just cooked tender beef. It is a great pleasure.

Cooking BeefStir Fried Beef. Add spicy sauce (Pixian) to hot oil. Quick stir fry the beef. At last add celery or any vegetable, for example green pepper, beans, etc. to balance the hot taste.

Cooking BeefBeef in Gravy: Pour the original beef soup into a sauce pan, and simmer it until the soup thickened. Add flour and stir it well to prevent lumps. Garnish with lemon, ginger, and cilantro.

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