Japanese Milk Loaf

Having heard of this amazing Japanese milk loaf for a while, I really wanted to try to make it myself, although I knew that it would take extra long time to knead the dough.

It was not easy during the making process, since the flour dough was very sticky. I had to develop a new way to knead the dough, otherwise it wouldn't work. It is not recommended if you don't have a bread kneading machine, unless you are a bread fan just like me.

Japanese Milk Loaf

The loaf pan was just washed before I put the dough inside. The inside surface of the pan was not dry enough which caused that the bread was sticky to the pan. Although I figured to take out the bread from the pan, the bread shape had been ruined completely. I was really disappointed, since it would be a very nice looking bread.

Japanese Milk Loaf

Opened it up. The bread gluten had been developed very well. It is all connected, but it is not prefect. The gluten thread should be all the same thickness, and they should connect through out the whole bread. From the picture, we see that gluten threads are not enough, and their thickness is not uniformed.

A: bread flour 540g, sugar 86g, instant yeast 11g
B:egg 86g, heavy cream 59g,milk 54g tangzhong 184g
C: unsalted butter 49g

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Bake 35 minutes at 175c.

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