Shrimp and Egg Wanton

After seeing my dentist today, I past by a very big Chinese super market. Nothing need particularly, I just wanted to take a look and I knew I would not come out empty handed. So as a result, I got some wanton wraps and shrimps.

Shrimp and Egg Wanton

Shrimp and Egg WantonFried Shrimp Wanton

Shrimp and Egg WantonWanton Filling

Shrimp and Egg WantonHow to Wrap a Wanton

Shrimp and Egg WantonFinished Wanton

Shrimp and Egg WantonWanton Soup

Shrimp, eggs, leek, and wanton wrap
Cilantro, and dry sea weed are needed for the wanton soup

1. Fry eggs
2. Mix chopped eggs, chopped leek and shrimp. Add salt, a drizzle of sesame seed oil.
3. Wrap up the filling as shown on above picture 4.
4. Deep fry wantons.

Wanton soup:
1. Boil wanton for 3-4 minute, they are very easy to cook
2. Add dry seed weed, cilantro, and sliced egg crepe, salt, sesame oil, white pepper powder.

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