Sugar Snap Peas with Chicken

Sugar snap peas are much easier to cook than other bean vegetables. It tastes well too. It is good to use them to make salad or quick stir fry dishes.

Sugar Snap Peas with ChickenIngredients:
Sugar snap peas
Chicken breast
Chili sauce, any kind. My favorite is chili and bean sauce

1. Cook shredded chicken first. Add oil into a pan, and add chicken into cold oil. low heat, quickly stir it until shredded chicken is all separated. Take it out.
2. Heat a little bit oil, and then drop chili sauce. When the oil is turning red from the chili sauce. add cooked chicken and sugar peas. when sugar peas are hot, it is done. Add salt. It roughly takes 1-2 minutes to cook sugar peas.

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