For Mother's Day: A Wish of Pig Mama

There are three brothers in the pig family, Pig Mike, Pig John and Pig peter. Being the oldest the son in the family, Pig Mike has reached the age to get married. For others, getting married is not a big deal, but for pig family, it is not that easy, since their noses are too big.

For Mother's Day: A Wish of Pig Mama
Rabbit Mary has also grown up and become an attractive female rabbit. Her beauty has drawn lot of eye balls from the neighborhood. Dog Denial really likes rabbit Mary, but Rabbit Mary turned him off without hesitation. Why? Rabbit Mary is a material rabbit, and Dog Denial has everything but money.

For Mother's Day: A Wish of Pig Mama
Bear Bailey is a relative of the pig family, and he want to hook up Pig Mike and Rabbit Mary to return a favor for the pig family.

For Mother's Day: A Wish of Pig MamaPig father heard the news from Bear Bailey, pig father is happy. Pig mama is also thrilled since she can fulfill her many year wish that to have grand baby pigs.

For Mother's Day: A Wish of Pig Mama
Pig Mike and Rabbit Mary got married in a hot day. They fall in love with each other after marriage. Now they have three Rabbit-Pig kids and live happily ever after.

For dough making, please refer to the previous post: A Legend of Flour

Ear: Almond slice,
Nose: dough mixed with coco powder, and sesame seed,
Eyes: sugar chocolate
Hair: fresh rosemary


Ann said...

OMG! that was a very cute story about Bunny's and Pig :) I really enjoyed reading thru' your blog.

Add A Little Love said...

Thanks, it is good to know that you like the story very much.