Traditionally Braised Silver Pomfret

Yesterday, I went to do grocery, saw this fresh not frozen fish. I just had to have it on the dinner table, beside I haven't cooked it for years. The fresh fish started stimulating my taste buds the moment I saw it. :)

traditional style braised fish --silver pomfretTraditional Style Braised Fish

traditional style braised fish --silver pomfretIngredients

Fish, the best choice for this type of cooking is: Silver Pomfret, or Ribbon Fish, since the fish flesh is harder, and it will stay in its shape after cooking.
Ginger, garlic, dry chili pepper, and green onions.

traditional style braised fish --silver pomfretSteps to Cook Fish

1. Sear the fish in the pan on both sides.
2. Add the oil, when oil is cold, add sugar.
3. The same time oil is heated up, the sugar is carbonized. The carbonized sugar will color the fish into the prefect red.
4. Drop the fish and immediately flip it in order to get the nice color on both sides.
5. Add dry chili pepper, sliced ginger, garlic, and green onion. let the oil bring out their flavor for about a minute.
6. Add water, enough to cover the fish. Add salt and vinegar. Cover the pan, and simmer it for 10 minutes.
7. Remove the cover, and reduce the liquid.
8. Garnish with cilantro, and it is ready to serve.

traditional style braised fish --silver pomfret


lalaland said...

Can you let me know where you bought the fresh silver pomfret? I have been looking all over in Toronto?

Add A Little Love said...

I got it from a Chinese grocery store, called Long Tai Supermarket, and it locates at Lawrence Ave E/Kennedy. I hope it is not too far from where you live.