Lovely Orange Pancakes

I never thought about the name why it is called pancake, until I put all the ingredients together. The ingredients are pretty much the same to bake a cake. The difference is that pancakes are cooking with a pan. That is all. Recently I watched a food show on TV, the host was actually beating the eggs separately for the pancake....I won't do that for my pancake, but that is also the same method to make cakes.

Lovely Orange PancakesOrange Pancakes

Lovely Orange PancakesOrange Pancakes Cut Through

Cake flour, baking powder, salt, milk, eggs, sugar, orange zest.
Sorry I did not use the measure cups, I just eyeballed it .

Here are some tips:
For thin pancakes, add more milk
For thick pancakes, add less milk
For smooth pancakes, add less baking powder
For fluffy pancakes, add a little bit more baking powder.

The thick, and fluffy pancakes are my family favorite.

Use medium high heat. Less than 1 minute each side. Serve with orange or some berries and syrup.

Lovely Orange PancakesOrange Pancakes Cut Through

Lovely Orange PancakesMint Tea

Pour a cup of tea, and enjoy this beautiful summary morning. ^o^


derek001 said...

What a lovely pancake! I like the colors. Organic food are always welcomed very much. You did pull it off. Really love your cook.

derek001 said...

BTW, try my own recipe. Mix 1/3 or half with cornmeal. It tastes wonderful.

Add A Little Love said...

1/3 or half cornmeal with flour...It is a very classic combination. It not only brings up the taste, but also gives pancakes the nice golden yellow color. You must be a true food lover.

Kitchen Butterfly said...

Whats in the teacup???Are those tea leaves. Anyhow, i love mint tea, one reason I'm glad I have some in my garden

Add A Little Love said...

Yes, that is the actual Jasmine Tea Leaves. Great smell.