Stretching Noodles with Green Onions and Chili Pepper

When my mother came to visit us from China, she brought all the recipes with her. The stretching noodle is one of her signature dishes. My parents have been eating this for all their lifes, and they never get tired of it. The noodle makes my father happy no matter what. He can have this noodle every single day.

Stretching Noodles with Green Onions and ChiliStretching Noodles with Green Onions and Chili Pepper

Stretching Noodles with Green Onions and ChiliStretching Noodles with Green Onions and Chili Pepper

All-purpose flour, water, green onions, dry chili pepper flake, bok choysoy sauce and vinegar.

  1. All-purpose flour and water to make a soft dough.
  2. let the dough rest for about an hour
  3. Use a rolling pin to flat the dough till 1/8 inch thick. Rest the dough again for 30 minutes. In the mean time, bring a big pot of water to boil.
  4. Cut the dough into half inch stripes, and stretch the stripes as thin as you can, then drop it into the boiling water.
  5. Boil the noodles for about 3-5 minutes. Add some bok choy the very last moment.
  6. Put the boiled noodle and bok choy into a bowl. Drop some chopped green onions, dry chili pepper flakes and salt.
  7. Pour the very hot oil onto the green onions to bring out the flavor. Season with soy sauce and vinegar.

My mother loves working with flour. I guess she enjoys feeling the dough between her hands. The texture, softness, and flexibility. Once the dough is ready, it can be turned into anything by my mother's hands.

Stretching Noodles with Green Onions and ChiliSteamed Swirl Buns

All-purpose flour, yeast, water, oil and salt.

  1. All-purpose flour, water and yeast make a medium soft dough. Rest for an hour.
  2. Use a rolling pin to flat the dough as thin as you can.
  3. Drizzle the oil and evenly distribute the salt on the surface.
  4. Roll up the dough and cut into one and half inches buns.
  5. Rest the buns for another half hour.
  6. Steam for 20-25 minutes.


Acquired said...

The dish looks lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hello, this dish looks absolutely scrumptious! I was wondering if there were any measurements available, or a ratio of flour to water? :)

Hehe, I hope to recreate this dish for a festive / original Thanksgiving!

Add A Little Love said...

Thanks for the comment.
This noodle was made by my mother, and she never used measuring cups in her life. When she is making the dough, she constantly adds the flour or water to make the right consistency. The consistency of the noodle dough is very much like the pizza dough without the yeast. Mother told me the key is to knead the dough well and let it rest long enough so it can be stretched very thin.

Thibeault's Table said...

As soon as I saw your picture of stretched noodles on Tastespotting yesterday I knew I had to give this dish a try. In fact I made your stretched noodles for dinner last night and they were a big hit. Delicious and so simple to make. I'll be blogging about them on this weeks Weekend Blog Showcase.

Thank you for a wonderful recipe and exceptional photos.


Anonymous said...

Hello, your noodles look really yum and I was wondering what oil you were talking about in the last step?

Add A Little Love said...

Hello Kitkathy,
I am using canola oil. You can use any vegetable oil or peanut oil. I would not recommend olive oil, since its smoke point is low.

Good luck!

orangepulpfilms said...

The buns look so good! Can you give measurements for how much of each ingredient to use? Can't wait to try it! (have you tried adding some sugar like some traditional buns have?)

(All-purpose flour, yeast, water, oil and salt)

Mary said...

What a wonderful looking dish. I've never tried to make noodles but you have inspired me. I love your blog and will be back often. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

Add A Little Love said...

Hello orangepulpfilms,

Thanks for your wonderful comment and sorry for the late reply. I was hoping that I could measure the ingredients for you when my mother makes that again. However after so many days still did not get the chance to do it, since I have to take care of two small kids. The younger one is only two months old.

If you could send me your email address, I can send you the measurements later whenever my mother is making the buns again.

Add A Little Love said...

Hello Mary,

Thanks for telling me that the noodle post has inspired you. It does mean a lot to me. A comment like this makes me very happy. By the way another noodle post is coming soon. Hope you like that as well. said...

I love this dish. Thank you for sharing.

Sue from noodlesonly