Those are very lovely macaroons, unfortunately nobody is interested in eating them, not even my two-year-old son. Husband thinks they are overly sweet, and I have too control my sugar intake. I guess after today, they will go to the garbage can, which will make me cry since I tried three times to make them right. First time I did not know what I was dealing with and changed the recipe, it was a complete failure. Second time, I over mixed the almond and meringue, and oven temperature was not right. Finally, the third time it is all coming together. All three batches have a same destiny----------garbage can.

I closely follow the instructions on this pdf file: Demystifying Macarons I found online. It talks in such a detail, you will not fail. I wish I would have read it before I start making them. I only spent time on it after two failures.

My son likes to stay in front of my camera, but he is more interested in his iPhone games.

I took one bite, the picture shows the structure inside the macaroon. .


For 12 sandwiched macaroons

1.5 egg whites or 50g weighed
25 g granulated sugar
100 g powdered sugar
55 g ground almonds

Cream cheese and strawberry jam, 1 to 1 , mix well

1. Get the baking pan ready, and weight the ingredients.
2. Age the egg white. Microwave oven medium heat 10 seconds. Of course you can properly age the egg white in a well sealed container for 24 hours in the fridge.
3. Sift the ground almond and icing sugar together.
4. Beat the egg till soft peak, add granulated sugar. Continue to beat till stiff peak.
5. Pour the almond mix into meringue at one time and mix them. This is the crucial step. Under mix, the macaroon's surface is not flat. O9Jver mix, the batter becomes running. Test small amount on the table, it is ready when the tops flatten on its own.
6. Pipe and wait the skin is formed. 25 minutes at my kitchen condition. Preheat the oven when is almost ready.
7. For my oven 275 F, 12 minutes. Rotate the baking pan after 8 minutes in the oven.

The rest is easy.
Most people say it tastes better the second day, I don't find that much difference.

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