Almond Cookies--Love to Bake, Lazy to Post

Somebody unknown sent me this recipe in the email with the how to video. It looked pretty good on the video, and I would not wait to bake it, although I did not have all the ingredients ready. The cookies turned out surprisingly tasty. I told myself I have to post it, otherwise I would lose the recipe. Here you go, enjoy.

almond cookies

Unsalted butter 150 g
Icing sugar 60 g
Egg yolk 30 g
Salt pinch
Vanilla sugar 1/2 teaspoon
Orange zests 2 teaspoon
Cake flour 190 g
Ground almond 72 g
Milk chocolate

1 Whip room temperature butter till light and fluffy. Take a long time, be patient. It is crucial step, it forms the cookie texture.
2 Add icing sugar, vanilla sugar, salt. Mix.
3 Add egg yolk, orange zest. Mix
4Add sifted flour, almond power. Mix into a firm dough.

375 F, 10 min.

almond cookies
Flip one, let's see the bottom.

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