30% Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread---Food Photography and Retouch

I took these whole wheat sandwich bread pictures a while ago, just never had chance to post them here. Finally I can manage to get few free times during the day. So, grab the camera  and start shooting and posting again.

Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

Please take a look at the structure inside this whole wheat bread. It is so soft.
Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

Cut some slices, and make a whole wheat sandwich or a whole wheat french toast.

Ingredients and steps
350g bread flour
150g whole wheat flour
325g water
6g yeast
7g salt
15g sugar
25g salted butter

1. Mix everything except butter, and knead it to make a soft but not sticky dough. The dough should pass the windowpane test. Add butter and  knead the dough until all the butter is evenly absorbed by the dough.
2. First fermentation.
3. Double in size, 1-2 hours
4. Degas, separate dough into 4 and shape them into round. Let them rest for 15min
5 Roll the dough to oval shape
6 Fold the sides, use a rolling pin, spread the dough.
7 Roll it up.
8 Put it into the baking pan
9 Let the dough grow in the baking pan till 85% full.
350F 30 min. After baking, put the bread on a cooling rack for 2 hours

Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

The picture below shows how I took the pictures. The nature sun light is coming from the back as the arrows in the picture. It is best way to take the bread slice picture. The starch membrane is transparent and make it so beautiful.
Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

 After taking the picture, it is Photoshop retouch. The picture below shows the different before and after. These are the steps how I did it.

1. brightness 15

2. Curves
input 190 output 176
input 72 output 83

3. color level 10 0 5

My kitchen wall is yellow, and it reflects on the food. I use color level fix it.

4.  select the area for sharpening
feather 100
unsharp mask
100 1.5 1

 Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

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skaterina said...

knead the dough to "window" stage / is this like rolling out your pasta dough so you can read a newspaper through it ? do tell / your rounds of dough make beautiful loaves

Add A Little Love said...

Thanks for the comment. I guess it is more accurate to call it windowpane test.