White Sandwich Bread Made with Milk

 Ingredients and Steps

 bread flour 250g
dry yeast 2.5g
sugar 15g
salt 3g
18% table cream 25g
3% milk 140g
salted butter 15g

  Window test
1. Mix everything except butter, and knead the dough to window stage. Add butter and continue to knead the dough until all the butter is evenly absorbed by the dough.
2. First fermentation
3. Double in size, 1-2 hours
4. Degas, separate dough into 4 and shape them into round. Let them rest for 15min
5 Roll the dough to oval shape
6 Fold the sides
7 Use a rolling pin, spread the dough.
8 Roll it up, and put it into the baking pan
9 Let the dough grow in the baking pan till 90% full.
350F 30 min. After baking, put the bread on a cooling rack for 2 hours

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