The Chinese Classic---Beef Noodle Soup

This year is not so cold, we are still enjoy the double digit temperatures in November. This flavorful beef noodle soup will add even more warmth to the best weather.

How can we miss the soy sauce to cook the prefect Chinese dish. As a matter of fact, two kinds are added to cook the beef: the regular soy sauce and the darker soy sauce to give the beef a nice brown color.

For 6 servings

beef shank   about 2-3lb
green onions  2
ginger slice  5
bok-choy   a small bunch
thick noodles 1lb
cinnamon stick 1
star anise 2
fennel seeds 1 tsp
clove 4
dried chilli pepper  2
Sichuan pepper corn  1 tbsp
Sichuan chilli bean paste  1.5 tbsp
 soy sauce 2 tbsp
dark soy sauce 2 tbsp
salt 1.5 tsp or more

Using slow cooking makes this recipe very easy. Here are the few steps for you to cook the perfect beef soup.
1. Add about half pot full cold water into the slow cooker. 
2. Add all the ingredients into the slow cooker, except the noodles and bok-choy. We will save the bok-choy for the noodle at the end.
3. Set the slow cooker at slow cook setting for 5 hours. I guess different slow cookers have different temperatures, you may try 3 hours first, then decide if you need additional time make the beef tender. The goal for the soup is that the beef is very tender and soup is full of the beef flavor.
4. After the beef is ready. Use a different pot to boil the noodles. Add water first to bring it boil then add noodles. Let it boil for 3 minutes then add boy-choy. It only takes one minute to cook the boy-choy.
5. Take out the noodles and bok-choy together and add slow cooked beef and soup. Green onions for the garnish.
Done! The only thing left for you  is to enjoy!

Here is the video, 3 and a half minutes long.

Thanks for watching!

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