Swiss Roll--Does it Taste Better when Eating from Outside Layers

Swiss RollThey say when you are taking a food picture, you have to be fast. It is simply because the picture looks more attempting when the food is just cooked. Well, for me it is a different story. If I don't shoot fast, I will have nothing to shoot about.

Swiss Roll


Egg 200 g
Egg yolk 40 g
Sugar 80 g
Honey 30 g
Flour 80 g
Milk 30 g
Oil 20g
Heavy cream 200 ml


1. Prepare baking pan, weigh all the ingredients.
2. On a double boiler whisk heat egg, egg yolk, sugar, honey to 39 c. Test temperature by your finger. Preheat the oven 375 F.
3. Remove from the boiler and continue to beat the egg till it become creamy and not bubbles. It takes 10 minutes or more.
4. Add flour, mix well.
5. Heat milk and oil by a microwave oven and mix it into the egg batter.
6. Pour into the baking pan and spread out.
7. Bake for 7-8 minutes.
8. When cooked, let it cool completely.
9. Spread whipped cream on the top side of the cake and roll it up. Leave it in the fridge for few hours before cut it. I over bake the cake, and the bottom side is darker than the top, so I just put the cream on the bottom to make it moist. As you can see from the pictures.

Swiss RollSomebody has different ways to eat a swiss roll. This is how it starts.

Swiss RollContinue....

Few words,

1. Beating the egg, this step is crucial. The cake has not leavening agent. It is the bubbles in the egg that build up the structure of the cake.
2. Do not over bake the cake. When it is dry, it is impossible to roll it up. Remove from the pan immediately when it is cooked.

Swiss Roll


Muslim Bruvva said...

Lovely recipe,
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You are welcome

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Red Star to Lone Star said...

Wow, it's pretty neat how it rolled up so well and did not break!