Breakfast White Loaf

Breakfast White Loaf
Baking pan 450 g

bread flour    300g
dry yeast    3g
water        195g

sugar        18g
salt        6g
milk powder    12g
water        12g
butter        15g

1 Mix A, till all dry ingredients become wet.
2 leave A mixture in a warm place, till triple in volume.
3 Mix B with A mixture without butter, till the dough is smooth.
4 Add butter, knead the dough till the window stage.
5 Rest the dough for 30 min, and separate into 2. Roll into round shape.
6 Rest the dough for another 20 min, and roll it up into the baking pan.
7 Let the dough grow till 90% full in the pan.
8 325F, 35-40 min.

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